Welcome to Tier One Athletics. Let me start by saying what we are not. Tier One is not an athletic recruiting service. You won’t find any “Bronze”, “Silver” or “Gold” recruiting packages here. You also won’t find any “Premium Member” content. This is simply your source for accurate, unbiased information about athletic recruiting and competition at the top academic institutions in the country.

You’ll also notice that the site isn’t monetized. No banner ads or popups.  (Okay, I did write ‘The Essential Guide to Ivy League Athletic Recruiting‘, condensing everything I know about the process), but you don’t have to buy the book to use the site. If you do choose to purchase the book on Amazon, thank you. A portion of your purchase goes to support the Kimberly Gillary Foundation that helps provide AED equipment to schools.

Please feel free to check out the blog, make comments, and e-mail me if you have any questions or opinions. The goal is simply to help scholar-athletes learn how to access the great educational opportunities that are available. In short, this is the site that I wish we had when we went through the process.

Thanks for visiting.



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