Tier One Colleges


Division I Colleges
Duke University
Notre Dame
Vanderbilt University
University of California at Berkeley
Colgate University
Rice University
Georgetown University
Lehigh University
University of Virginia
Boston College
Wake Forest
College of William and Mary
Cornell University
College of the Holy Cross
United States Naval Academy
United States Air Force Academy
University of California Davis
Georgia Institute of Technology
United States Military Academy
Lafayette College
Tulane University
University of Michigan
Bucknell University
Villanova University
Davidson College

Division I –  Ivy League
University of Pennsylvania
Dartmouth College

Division III Colleges
Amherst College
Williams College
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Swarthmore College
Middlebury College
Haverford College
Bowdoin College
Pomona/Pitzer Colleges
Carleton College
Washington and Lee University
University of Chicago
Washington University, St. Louis
Johns Hopkins University
Wesleyan University
Emory University
Carnegie Mellon University
Bates College
Tufts University
Oberlin College
Brandeis University
Claremont McKenna/Harvey Mudd/Scipps Colleges
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Hamilton College
Babson College
Colorado College
New York University
Colby College
Union College
Case Western Reserve University